Thursday, November 05, 2009

LonghornTriathlon in 8000 Words (8 Pictures)

Beautiful morning.

Before the gun

That's not so scary, is it?

Love how this makes me look like I'm first out of the water. Not so much.
Note the studly SCS Multisport gear.

Early in the bike. Note how the shorter crank size that Phil put on there means my knees don't have to come way up into my chest. Allows a lower and yet more comfortable bike position.

Better position. Thanks Phil.

Finish Time: 6:04:09
Again with the SCS Multisport Stud In Training Gear.


Kim said...

are you SURE youre not the only guy on the course?! :)

looking good pal. legs look ridic in the last picture.

GetBackJoJo said...

Those first pics are really gorgeous. Not how I picture Texas! (Of course, I've only been there ONCE and not to that part...)
You look mean and ready to kick ass in Cozumel in those pics.!

md said...

great pics! you look good on the bike. watch out cozumel!

Coach Liz said...

Keep that pace up and you are going to smoke me big time in Cozumel!