Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rule No. 1

1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

In the midst of all the work craziness this week, I confess that I have felt a little like someone who got beat up at fight club but couldn't talk about it.

I really don't want to be "that guy." You know the one--the guy who tells everyone in the office about his sprint triathlon or his charity ride or his marathon. I make allowances for "that guy" if folks are new to sport, because it's neat that they're excited about they're newly found health and fitness. Heck I probably was "that guy" not long ago.

But if you're four or five years in, it starts to get a bit unseemly if you talk as if you're the second coming of Dave Scott every time you do a 5k fun run or a 10 lap pool workout.

So, I very rarely tell people at work if I'm racing, especially a normal, build up race. It's a "need to know" kind of thing. If you "need to know" why I'm not available, you'll get told. If you don't know, you don't need to know.

But then, I'm sure that there are some people who wonder why I've been gimping around this week like I can't walk--sort of like the office worker who comes in with the shiner and can't talk about fight club. But you guys are in fight club--so I can talk, right?

Well, to tell the truth, I've got blisters that are all the more painful in my lawyer shoes, the result of trying to be a sockless tri-geek on race day. That was the end of the race. Going backwards in time, I ran the last 3 miles with a decent stride, but the first three and a half miles were severely hampered by a back spasm off the bike. The bike rocked -- nearly 20 mph average speed. Passed lots of people like they were tied to posts. Great fun--until the back started to get tight. Gotta get that bike fit looked at again.

Of course, I had a lot of people available for me to pass. That huge sucking sound you heard to your south on Sunday was me sucking in the water--literally and figuatively. It was overcast, I couldn't see, the wind kicked up some chop, I swam or got blown off course, and mostly I just had my typical beginning of the season freak out. I swam a better pace for all 4k of my two Ironman swims than I swam on Sunday for 1k. Which is why there were HUNDREDS of people in front of me on the road.

And I'm starting to get pissed off at this problem of the transition area being devoid of bikes when I get out of the water.

And the pissed-offedness state is usually about the time that I start to solve problems. I don't have to be Andy Potts for crying out loud, but this swimming like Mr. McGoo has got to stop.

So, there. That's why I've got a shiner and can't walk too well. Next up, the MS150.


Spokane Al said...

When you find the secret to refraining from swimming like Mr. McGoo, please let me know. A reward is offered.

And as for that running with no socks - I know my limitations so it is always socks for me. But then again, I don't get to wear lawyer shoes the next day either.

CoachLiz said...

No matter how good the shoes are and how much they boast about a smooth sock liner, I ALWAYS wear socks on the run. I will be able to live with myself that I took 10 seconds to pull those socks on. I have learned that lesson the hard way.

Hey, The Fight Club is on for Friday morning. You name the time and the location and I'll bring the brass knuckles.

Fe-lady said...

Mr. McGoo knows how to swim?

No socks here for sprints...but then I have a few years on you for "getting" tough feet.
Not pretty-but tough.

21stCenturyMom said...

Swimming off course is my signature move. It says so in my race report.

Richard said...

The good news is that this way, finding your bike is dead easy. You don't even need to show up early to rack - it'll be obvious :)

That was good speed on the ride, though... maybe the pissed-off adrenaline had something to do with it!

Fe-lady said...

Oh- no one at work has any idea I "do" the tri thing.
Not a clue.

Bigun said...

see - I knew I had purpose to triathlon - I'm "that guy" - not the one at work but the one in transition.... to give you company, my friend.