Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New School/Old School

Well, it's been a quiet week in Spring, Texas, my hometown, out on the edge of the Megalopolis. The Megalopolis, along with nearly all the Gulf Coast, was again in the "cone of death" representing the potential path of a hurricane, this time Hurricane Ike. Old School residents of the Megalopolis have not yet become concerned. They simply watch the local news, and when the man standing in front of the green screen tells them to be concerned, they just blink because they've seen this all before. On this one, I kind of tend toward the New School, haunting the weather underground online and comparing computer models. Those models have been shifting with alarming regularity, but it looks like we'll escape the worst of it again.

So, New School on that, but I had an Old School workout last night. I went to the track where my marathon plan coach had prescribed, after a warmup, 5x1000 at T pace on one minute's rest to be followed by 6x200 at R pace on :45 rest to be followed by a cool down. While that sounds very technical, I was without a watch or a heart rate monitor. So, I went decidedly old school. Run hard, rest as little as you can get by with, then run hard again. I would not have made the fifth 1000 were it not for the presence of Coach T and her main squeeze Scuba Steve running with me. Old School guys don't like to give up (or puke up) in front of the kids.

And the recovery nutrition? Also Old School: Pizza and Beer.

And the swim this morning? Old School again. Outside, in the dark as soon as the pool opens. First in. Swim hard. Don't even think about quitting until you've got at least 2k in the bank. And none of these "jammers" or "square leg" swimsuits for old guys without waists. Old School. Little black Speedo baby.

OK, that was way TMI. But I've rediscovered a couple of abs and some ribs in the last week or so, so I was all wild and crazy.

But two nights ago I went New School in the dad department. While Superpounce is a pretty adventurous eater for a kid, we have not been able to get her to eat anything with beans in it, particularly black beans. Now, an Old School dad would just put out the food and say, "You'll eat it and you'll like it. Either that or you'll go hungry." Actually, an Old School dad would not have cooked the food, but would be inquiring about the whereabouts of his meat loaf and potatos while watching Walter Cronkite from his La-Z-Boy, alternately drinking a Miller High Life and snoring.

Ahhhhhh . . . . those were the days.

Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry, I digress.

A New School dad, however, not only cooks food, he resorts to strategerie to get his offspring to eat the healthy options he puts on the table.

I know 'Pounce enjoys spicy foods like my Black Beans and Quinoa, and I know she likes to cook with me. So, I figured she would eat it if she was the one who "cooked it." I was right. I prepared all the ingredients before hand--measured the cumin and cayenne pepper, chopped the onions, chopped the garlic, put the black beans and corn aside, gathered two cups of chicken broth and 3/4 cup of Quinoa, measured a couple table spoons of olive oil into the wok and called the 'Pounce any time it was time to saute, stir, pour, combine or "cook."

She loved it, both the cooking and the eating. And when Mrs. Greyhound commented on how good it tasted, 'Pounce tapped her chest like an NBA player who just sank a three point shot and said:

"I know--I cooked it."

And that's the news from Spring, Texas, where all the schools are exemplary, all the food is fast, and all the commutes, are below average.


Fe-lady said...

Wild and crazy in a black speedo. wow...heh! :-0

A little bit of both schools makes a well-rounded dad-athlete!

So...where's the recipe? If it's good enough for SuperPounce, it's good enough for your readers, right?

21stCenturyMom said...

Can I come over for dinner some time? That sounds delicious! Or you could comply with FeLady's request, please??

Benson said...

Yeah, this is great. I'm going back to my old school roots for off-season. Thanks for the inspiration.
Good food and good on ya Pounce.

CoachLiz said...

"Cone of Death" LOL, I love it. I will be laughing at the "Cone of Death" in about an hour or so on TV when they hand out the new coordinates.

Ok, I have to try the "you cook it, you eat it" strategy with Bud. He is eating more now that he is swimming for 90 minutes each night so I bet he might be up to trying new stuff. My step mom got him to eat asparagus last week and he loved it.


IS there anything you can't do?!?!? Be careful this weekend. Ike is packing a punch!

UltraMamaC said...

you may want to be a leetle more New School w/the storm this weekend. looks like Ike is veering closer to you than initially thought. don't know how far inland you are ('cuz I know "Houston" stretches from the beach at Galveston pretty much halfway to College Station now) but you will get wet.

Supalinds said...

That dinner sounds fab - can I come over next time??

triguyjt said...

no black speedo for this old...old schooler...

body image issues...even the old schoolers can have those...

congrats on losing some lbs and gaining that six pack

Richard said...

Sounds cool - and I'd enjoy the full recipe for that as well!

Richard said...

Sounds cool - and I'd enjoy the full recipe for that as well!