Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fame in my Flip Flops

I was both humbled and gratified upon being notified by the Iron Kahuna of my academy award for best supporting actor. (I'll expect my Speedo-bedecked statuette any day in the mail). No, seriously I was. To be regarded as generous and supportive is quite a change. In times past, social shyness has been mistaken as arrogance, someone I don't want to be. Today, if you want an encourager or a cheering section, I'm your guy.

Buuuuuuuuut, I feel like my 15 minutes of triathlete fame is a bit tarnished--sort of like showing up at the Whitehouse to meet the President in your flip flops. (See the girls in the front row at the left side). Consider all the studly race photos and profile pics of me out there in the public domain, all of the many options to show off my triathlete hawtedness. Does the Kahuna pick those?


Curly Su gets to look lovely and complex in her beautiful, pensive pose.

Triboomer and Comm look all studly, racing on the Ironman course.

Iron Wil and IronJenny gaze at us in their beautiful serenity.

Even Bold--he gets to pose with a hawt biker chick.

Greyhound? Not so much. Mouse ears.

Maybe my massive publicity campaign offended the academy voters. Oh well. I'm not one to complain. My publicist and my people, however, thought we should get some competing photos out there. Actually, I have some race photos saved up from the Disney Marathon that I have been meaning to share. They actually tell the story of the race pretty well. (Tri-Chica oggling is highly encouraged. Being oggled is still a delightful and new experience for me.)

The start was magnificent and exciting:

Start I
Start II

But the weather was skanky. This is about mile 11. Just look at the humidity:

Mile 11

It got hotter, and I got slower. Mile 17 in the Animal Kingdom. At this point I am faking a decent stride:

Mile 17-ish

This is mile 20 or so. Much of the last 10 miles of the race being in the full sun on unforgiving, concrete road surfaces:

Mile 20-ish

Mile 23 -- forward motion has slowed considerably:

Mile 23

But no matter how much you beg, I won't share the special picture Mrs. Greyhound took of me when we were alone that night.



Shelley said...

Made me look?? HA..I love pics!!

stronger said...

What's the problem? The ears look hawt.

Bolder said...

i, um, think you were just, um, a victim of photoshop.

that's what i'm gonna believe.

congrats on your award dude! well deserved... enough with the Mr. Arrogant stuff -- you're our T-hound now!!!

Spokane Al said...

Glad to see you kept your sense of humor! What were you listening to during the marathon?

Brent Buckner said...

The ears add to your air of approachability. The very opposite of arrogant stand-offishness!

Amy said...

You are anything but stand-offish and arrogant! You were my first tri-blogger friend. And I have to say you take a good race photo. I always look like a dork (hence the lack of race photos on my site). I couldn't pull off those ears with such panache.

Iron Pol said...

Isn't it just like our wives to find every opportunity to take pictures when we're not at our best. There you were, muscles seized up like blocks of marble and she's taking pictures.

Really, I think the ear picture does the trick. You've always made sure your friends could find you in a crowd. And then you've made sure you were there for them.

Rural Girl said...

Love the pics. Does the Marshfield shirt have significance? By the way, love your blog.

Bigun said...

I noticed a band of unauthorized ordinance, there, looks like 7.62mm - a bit of the pig have we?...taking the home defense a bit too seriously now are we?

Curly Su said...

i'm prettier than yo-ou. nah-nah (minor 3rd descending on those nah-nahs to create annoying-kid mocking sound)