Sunday, February 25, 2007

Base Training--Stick a Fork In Me

Mishele K and I trained some at the same of the same locations this weekend, but we were not really at the same place. Mishele, at 24 or 25, is 7 weeks out from Ironman Arizona, her fourth Ironman. Greyhound, at 40, is 195 days out from Ironman Wisconsin, my first Ironman. (Crap! That countdown has gone under 200 days!)

She is ready. I've got a ton of work to do. So this weekend, I did some. Saturday I swung northward to the Sam Houston National Forest for mile after mile of lucious, hilly goodness in the rain.

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It was the first time since last fall that I felt like I had some life in my legs on the bike. About three and half hours right in the zone followed by what felt like an ez mile runoff where the watch said I was clocking 8:39 without any effort at all. If I were going to get cocky, however, the rest of the weekend brought me up short.

First to the Woodlands Athletic Center for the long swim of the week with Mishele K. She ripped off 3000 bilateral meters like she was yawning and getting up from a nap. She did swim a 1:09 at Wisconsin last year, after all. I stuck with it and managed my 2500 meter goal ladder workout--still struggling with getting my strength and endurance back on my right side as a result the neck injury last fall.

Sunday, it was off to the Tri County Hill Hopper.


Mishele K did the whole enchilada, 76 miles of windy, hilly hellishness. As I said before, she is 7 weeks from Ironman and definitely in the zone. In contrast, I knew after about 30 miles that 76 was just not feasible after the previous day's training, so I dragged myself in off the 45 mile route. A good long ride and an honest effort, but still a long way to go.

I had been working on a post about the beautiful images I saw on the Huntsville ride, but right now, I AM SPENT. Maybe I'll get to it later. Tomorrow is rest. So far, the old dog is holding together and my head is still attached to my torso. After more than 16 hours of training this week, including four swims and two long bikes this weekend, that is a success. So, it is whiskey and chocolates for everyone.


TriSaraTops said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this!

Nicely done--great week in the bank, Dogg!

Carrie said...

Give yourself credit where credit is due. Nice weekend!!

Bolder said...


Mmmmmm, volume. Mmmmmmmmm.