Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fun & Games: Update

Hmmmmmmm. There are some very clever people out there; but, remember, greyhound is exceedingly crafty--dare we even say, deceptive. There is still plenty of greyhound schwag available, so those of you who have not guessed the lie from the truth . . . .



Iron Pol said...

Alrighty, given the "almighty sneaky" bait, here is the only thing that has been missed. A young Texas lawyer argued a case before the Texas Supreme Court in 1999. Not THE Supreme Court, but certainly A Supreme Court. That would have made Greyhound a relatively young 32ish. Well before turning 35.

If that is the catch, that would make item 3 a totally true (if tricky) statement. This Ingersoll Rand v. Valero case is WAY at the bottom of the list of representative cases, BTW.

That leaves us with a relatively sticky dilemma. It is, however, unstickable, thanks to Danielle and her "Mrs. Greyhound wasn't your high school sweetheart" comment.

We know you celebrated your 17th anniversary, placing the wedding in 1989. As Danielle wasn't correct about Mrs. Grey NOT being your high school sweetheart, number 2 must remain the truth.

Number three has been reexamined and made plausible, and true depending upon semantics.

That leaves item one. It must now, by process of elimination, be a bald faced lie. To the shame of UW Wisconsin, it appears that Greyhound did not astound Carnegie Hall (BEFORE, at least) with his musical talents. (This is not to rule out his playing below, behind, or above Carnegie Hall).

21st Century Mom said...

He has been married 17 years but there are still a few months left to celebrate a 1988 wedding and still make the cut. Of course for all I know there is a lovely, mushy Happy 17th Anniversary post I am missing so I will look foolish for saying this. However, I don't have time to comb through the whole blog so I'm sticking with my original answer although my reason has changed from 'hasn't been married that long' to 'hasn't had this year's anniversary yet'.

Danielle said...

CSI Blogland continues!

Iron Pol said...

21st Century Mom, the "prior post" is the correct answer. Grey had to do some training gymnastics a few months back in order to fit a long training session in with an anniversary weekend.

That said, it is possible that the wedding anniversary is actually another time, and they just celebrated it that weekend. My guess was that it was actually that weekend.

tri-mama said...

I'm going with Iron Pol if I ever need a detective. I'm still sticking with not high school sweetheart-I think he met her at Madison.