Friday, October 02, 2009


Coach Kris tells me I need to train in the heat.

Which means that yesterday was a perfect day to train for Ironman Cozumel: hot, humid and windy as hell.


So, Coach Liz, my local IM COZ peep, and I went out for a two hour tempo ride in the middle of the day. I drank buckets. I sweated buckets. And it was the perfect conditions to simulate Cozumel.


Nearly 90% humidity. Upper 80s for the temps. And winds gusting above 20 mph.


I'm so lucky to live where I can get such wonderful training.


Love that.


Comm's said...

I think that is great race focused training.

Greyt Times said...

Jealous. I ran is 40 degree temps, wind and rain this morning. *sniffle*

Kim said...

im with greyt - it's about 40 here with rain all weekend. awesome.

CoachLiz said...

The heat was GREAT. Ready for 4 more hours in the heat in the morning???

Kristina said...

Just think of all the character you're building along with muscle.