Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mi Amore

Coach Kris is about to put me on a bike focus in the weeks leading up to the MS150, and so I think my old road bike will be left on the trainer. It is time for Carmen. It is time.

It is time that Carmen emerge from the mysterious inner sanctum to which women are wont to retreat. It is time the we are joined once again in our congress of delight. It is time that we move together, impelled forward by needs that only Carmen and I feel, desires that only Carmen inspires, hungers that only Carmen can feed. It is time for that sweet release like none other, that knowing beyond all knowledge when I mount her and see her beneath me, firm and sensual and altogether lovely.

So, yeah, I'm going on a long ride this weekend, and I think I'll take my tri-bike this time. Anyone wanna come?


Kim said...

me me! i want to join you! i actually think i might take yellow lightning OUTSIDE this weekend too! be careful with carmen out there! she is one sexy byatch!

Flatman said...

:raises hand:

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

you know what's funny? After a hard ride, I really have trouble equating sex with biking. Even during the ride sex + bike do not really compute.

OK, really that's not funny. But it is.