Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Greyhound To Love (Or Not)

This post contains some news and an explanation.

The news is that I am starting a new blog. But don’t worry. It’s not going to take the place of this blog. Hopefully, it will just be an addition to it.

But why start a new blog? Especially in the age of the creeping Facebook, the lazy man’s, one sentence solution to blogging.

I enjoy the act of writing for writing's sake, when I have something worth writing about. These little blurbs I throw out once or twice or three times a week nourish the creative writer that lives inside me, especially when I do so much analytical writing for my job. The blog allows me to hone my craft, and the feedback I get from the comments is a motivation to write more—a motivation that writers from the past did not have.

But, again, why a new blog?

Well, primarily because it will have a different type of tone and content, and potentially a different audience that will only partially overlap with Trigreyhound.

Those of you who regularly read and enjoy this blog know that I sometimes write about the internal aspects of training and its impact on life, love and faith. Lately, I have been feeling the need to be truer to my spiritual lineage and calling.

(Speak plainly, dude—that’s way too pompous.)

OK, OK. Here it is. I need to find my moral compass. I need to write some stuff that is way more Jesussy than you have ever read here.

Sure, I could just wax Jesussy here in this blog; but, I know that some who enjoy stopping by here are not the Jesussy type. In fact, some of you that I enjoy most and for whom I care most are not Jeussy types. And you know what?


Requiring you to be all Jesussy here in this space would be the same as saying you have to go to my particular church with me on Sunday if you want to be my friend. THAT, alone, would be very un-Jesus-like.

On the other hand, having an additional blog that is focused explicitly on spiritual matters allows me to have a sacred space into which everyone here is invited, but no one is compelled, sort of like meeting you for Sunday brunch with the invitation to attend church with the family if you'd like to. You can stop by occasionally, often, or not at all. Meanwhile, we all remain friends in the common triathlon experience that we share.

For that is what I consider you, my friends. And friendship, for me, is serious business. To quote Saint Thomas Aquinas, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

You’re invited to share as much of my spiritual journey as you want (or as much as you can stand), and you’re invited to come and see what I have found to be true. At the same time, I will not prize you any less if you decide that’s not your cup of tea.

For a description and explanation of the new blog, visit The Confessing Runner.


Jamie said...

Wait, not trying to push your jesusy-ness on everyone else? That isn't very christian of you. :-)

Kidding aside, I totally understand your reasoning. I think the trouble is that everyone has multiple "personas" but have to deal with the fact that not everyone may be interested in all of them, but you feel somewehat dishonest not giving them each a voice.

Hope the new blog helps let you speak a little more honestly and openly greyhound.

Fe-lady said...

write ON!

Coach Tammy said...

Did you just call me lazy? I know you didn't just call me lazy. Did you? ;)

IronJenny said...

write! I love Jesus and Jesus people. I'm heading over to check it out ...