Friday, March 24, 2006

So, here goes . . .

What does a geek do when he decides to attempt becoming a triathlete? Consult the internet, of course. Beyond triathlon focused magazines and training websites, I have been incredibly entertained by the Tri-Geek Kahuna and so inspired and motivated by his compatriot Iron Wil. Although this is probably a mistake, I too have decided to enter the world of Tri-blogging.

I say it is a mistake, because I doubtless will not be as funny as the Kahuna, nor as profound as Iron Wil, nor as faithful as either of them in posting every day. I certainly have a ways to go in making the blog as super cool as theirs. I mean, I can't even upload my freaking picture to my profile, which I just now figured out how to edit. Whatever my shortcomings, I will be something they are not. For whatever it is worth, I will be me.

The "me" of 2006 is very different from what I was eight years ago when the greyhound puppy was born to Mrs. Greyhound and me. At my towering height of 5'4", I was north of 165 and ran two miles in 24 minutes--painfully. Now, as I approach 40, I am 140 lbs. and have done all sorts of things my mom calls "crazy stuff" like marathons and 180 mile bicycle tours. More important, I'm happier, healthier, and have tons more friends than the law nerd of 1997.

I did not travel from there to here because I am anything special. It happened because I made some really good friends along the way who taught me that training is recess and races are field trips. Any success I have is the product of their friendship and encouragement. (Thanks Coach T, Maria Gratia. . . and tons of others). With apologies to Iron Wil, if being "me" can encourage someone else to break "through the wall" that stifles their potential, then I was not just a waste of good carbon.

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