Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

"Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct."
Thomas Jefferson

I am prescient.

Yes, it's true. I can see the future.

I will not predict who will win today's contest. That's child's play. I will look far down the corridors of time and tell you what will happen years from now.

1. The deficit will be enormous.
2. The chosen candidate will fall short of the exorbitant promises made to court his constituents.
3. The chosen candidate will act to preserve his own personal power.
4. The people will eventually run the rascals out of town on a rail.
5. Oh, and we'll be militarily engaged in the middle east and will not have energy independence.

How can I be so certain? Because none of these things depend upon who wins the legislative or executive contests. It's life and human nature, and there are some things that just won't bend to politics. Reality.

But, the good thing about life is that it's stubborn. It goes on. And it will take whatever you want to fill it with. Or, it can just sit there empty and unused like a sports car in the garage. And it does not depend upon "leaders" or parties or permission. It just is. It depends on you. And often it's better to ask forgiveness than to beg permission.

So, don't be bummed if your guy loses. And don't get too intoxicated if your guy wins, only to suffer the hangover in two years when you find out he's "just like all the rest of them." Do your duty today by voting your conscience, and then


Give a little whistle, ride your bike, hug your kids or your dog or your spouse. Live big. Love recklessly. And giggle.

I'm Greyhound, and I approve this message.


TxTriSkatemom said...

THANK YOU! for being a voice of reason in all these months and months of madness, culminating in the frenzy of today. In the big picture, very little of what truly affects our lives is mandated by who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania; it's mandated by those who inhabit our homes and our hearts.

Yet another post that reinforces to me that you, indeed, are a rockstar!

CoachLiz said...

Great post! Thanks for the Monty Python laugh. For all of those Hollywood celebrities that threaten to move based on the outcome of our election...I will help you pack up your stuff. There are billions of people who would endure bodily harm for the rights and privileges that we have in this country to trade spots with you. The world will not end tomorrow based on who is in office. We all need to take some personal responsibility and organize a grass roots effort in our household, in our neighborhood, in our school district, and in our community if we want things to happen. Sitting around and waiting for people to make up their minds in Washington leads to a lot of lost time.

Thanks again!

IronJenny said...

Coach Liz is right.... *WE* should be making things happen in our schools, communities and neighborhoods. And we shouldn't need government to force us to see what, or who needs helping.
Those of you who aren't (and never have been been) donating your time or resources to people outside your own family -- and you know who you are -- get out there! Chop! Chop!
Mentor a kid, stock a food shelf, tutor a neighbor kid in math, snow-blow the driveway of the old lady down the block, ... all these things are free and we should all be doing something. If you've got more money than you need, call the local college and donate tuition for a deserving kid. You can change somebody's life.
To those of you who already do this stuff -- and you know who you are -- thank you!

Fe-lady said...

My sister needs to read this post...it's been what my husband and I have been thinking and saying forEVER during the rallies and speeches etc. It's up to YOU as an individual to make your life what it will be...not anyone else's "fault" or "responsibility"!
I just can't wait to say..."I told you so" in a couple of years when everything is pretty much the same.

21stCenturyMom said...

I love that song.

I disagree that who is President doesn't have a huge impact - it does and it will. But what really matters is what we each do in our lives. That is for sure.

Lana said...

I like this message. :)